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As you are probably aware, nutrition and training go hand in hand. Which is why it’s important for us to be able to provide you with the full package.


We have our lovely on-site nutritionist Marie, who is available to help with all things nutrition!


Marie offers a full range of services, she can create a bespoke package that would be best suited for you based on her findings! Services include-


NUTRITION MOT- A one-off 45 minute consultation to review your current nutritional status and determine your diet versus health goals. £55.


4 WEEK NUTRITION SUCCESS PLAN- A great start to help you develop a healthier approach to eating, increase your energy levels and manage your weight. The plan provides foundation guidelines and explanations for healthy eating based on blood sugar balancing. As well as a four week plan, you also receive ideas and suggestions for food choices for when you are out and about or would just like to create your own menu for the week. Starting from £199


12 WEEK PERSONALISED WEIGHT MANAGEMENT & WELLBEING PROGRAMME- If you would like to lose weight but don't know where to start then this is the plan for you. This plan includes; regular support via weekly check-ins, a personalised exercise approach to complement your goals, testing and lifestyle medicine / supplements advice to help shape your new way of living. This plan aims to help make eating for weight loss a pleasure. Starting from £599


6 MONTH ULTIMATE NUTRITIONAL THERAPY PROGRAMME- This is the plan that says... I want to change my life! By applying the latest research in nutrition and health sciences to your unique symptoms we will work together to design a programme that understands your current health issues as well as your goals to work through a new eating plan, considering supplements and possible clinical testing. Starting from £799


FOOD INTOLERANCE TESTING & SUPPORT- It's crucial to feeling good every day that your diet is working with you and not against you. Many symptoms include digestive issues, migraines, weight gain and fatigue. Aches and pains have also been linked to food intolerance issues. Included in this package you will receive a Food Intolerance Test, follow up appointments and comprehensive guides to support food and elimination and reintroduction. Starting from £299


STRESS MANAGEMENT TESTING & SUPPORT- Stress is a part of life, but being overstressed and not knowing how to manage it, can lead to symptoms such as tiredness, lack of sleep and digestive issues. This package includes an Adrenal Stress Profile, follow up appointments and guides to support diet and lifestyle changes. Starting from £299

If you are interested in Marie’s services, please get in touch with us today! Payment plans are available for all of the above services, subject to availability.

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