In our semi-private training option you will be in groups of up to 4 people. 


SPT is a lot different from a usual class, as everyone in the session has their own workout suited to them and their goals. So instead of everyone doing the same, you will have a unique workout based on what you would like to achieve! One of our expert trainers divides their time between the individuals in the session, making sure you are performing the exercises with correct technique and encouraging you! 


These are timetabled sessions and we have at least one session on every single day.

Small group training is a great way of having personal training at a lower financial investment, whilst keeping the fun and motivation of a group dynamic.


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Why choose SPT?


  • Cost effective route to personal training.

  • Camaraderie! Working out with others gives you the opportunity to feed off of other members of the group, providing motivation and support. 

  • Personal attention- unlike a class that may have 30 people in it. Being in a group of 4 means the trainer has a lot more time to focus on each individual.

  • Meet like-minded people- the chances are that the other members of the group are doing this for similar reasons to you!