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What is a Sports Massage?


Sports Massage is a form of tissue mobilisation. It involves advanced soft tissue techniques that can assist with relief from long standing chronic muscular or joint pain. Despite the name, sports massage isn’t just for Sports people. Sports massage is for anyone of any age who doesn't necessarily participate in sport, but still has muscular pain or dysfunction caused by their jobs or lifestyle.


Why book in for a Sports Massage?


If you are an amateur or professional sports person, a sports massage can be vital in your performance. It can be effective in enhancing recovery time and endurance. 


Or if you are struggling with pain or dysfunction due to your job or lifestyle, a sports massage can help to reduce pain and increase range of movement through the affected joints. Sports and redial massage also help to reduce: stress, areas of muscular tension, pain caused by soft tissue dysfunction and scar tissue following injury.


In the first session our Sports Massage Therapist, Richard, will go through your medical history with you to ascertain if previous injuries or issues may be contributing to your current problem. Richard proves more than “just” a sports massage and offers advanced soft tissue techniques that can assist with relief from long standing chronic muscular or joint pain that other therapists may have been unable to resolve, as well as injury assessment and rehabilitation advice. personal training

Photo of Richard Pearson, Sports Massage Therapist

About Richard Pearson- Our Sports Massage Therapist

Richard is a highly qualified and experienced clinical sports massage therapist based in Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire (Level 5 - currently highest level qualification*). His services include deep tissue massage, injury assessment, treatment and rehabilitation. He has been practicing for over 10 years.

Richard was sports massage therapist for Bishop's Stortford Rugby Club, 1st XV, for the 2014/15 and 2015/16 seasons. 

For more information please see Richard's website-

To book an appointment with Richard please either call/message him on- 07799 64 74 64

Or email-

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