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The MWFITNESS Personal Training Studio



As a Mum of a young person who wanted to improve their fitness but wasn’t sure how to, I am delighted that we met Charlotte. Her caring and understanding attitude makes fitness fun and accessible for my daughter. Charlotte makes the sessions really enjoyable with challenging but achievable goals. She has genuinely changed the way my daughter feels about herself and her fitness which has filtered through into all other aspects of her life.."
Coach Luke with Client Rosemary in our outdoor fitness training facility


"I can’t thank you all especially Luke and Callum, for getting me to where I am. I managed to run 8k on Friday!! I will keep it all up. I will miss you terribly, I have never enjoyed exercise so much on such a regular basis as with you guys.."


I had never set foot in a gym before I went to MWFITNESS. As a 60 (ish) year old woman I was quite nervous but knew I needed to do something. The team could not have been any lovelier and put me right at ease. I feel generally a lot fitter and don’t get out of breath anymore chasing the grandchildren around. Even my husband has been along to some sessions and they have really helped with his knee injury. 5 stars service!.

Serena, Age 40

Wow! What a journey! Years of putting myself last, having children, putting on weight it was time to find me again. It's been such an emotional ride! It was hard, I wont lie, but my goodness its been sooooooooooo good for me! Massive thanks to Charlotte who frankly has been a saint in keeping me organised! Of course absolute gratefulness to Mike for having such a cracking gym and team, huge appreciation to Callum and Luke for keeping me on track (even on those CAN'T DO IT DAYS lol). Reality is, especially now, exercise is just as important for the mind as the body. I am aid free with my breathing, brimming with confidence and self love and have made some cracking buddies in the process too! Are they as mad as me? Or are they madder? I dunno but they are great! Thanks everyone........ I absolutely love MW Fitness!"
Client Amy demonstrating strength training with barbell

Amy, Age 26

"I was really anxious to when I booked in my initial consultation but as soon as I walked through the door I felt at ease. Everyone is so lovely and reassuring and the workouts are personalised to you and your capabilities. I couldn’t recommend it more and Charlotte is one of the best out there."

Ajuma, Age 39

I wish I'd signed up sooner! A Very friendly team, allowing a fitness novice like me to go at my own pace, which gives me the confidence to show up for each session. No two sessions are the same and that makes it even more fun.

Robert, Age 68

Some people need to be externally motivated and guided to do exercise- me!. The trainers at MW do this in a professional, balanced manner, maintaining a close watch on personal health limits. I enjoyed the sessions and but above all they gave me the confidence and a way forward enabling me to ‘self motivate’ when working alone in between sessions following and prior to knee replacement surgery."
Client Sam demonstrating her new shorts due to her weight loss achievements

Sam, Age 42

I'm now officially a size 8!!! These are the new size 8 shorts I ordered for our holiday!
Sadly they are being returned today as although they fit like a dream, my darling eldest children have told me they are too young for me 🤣
I am now off to buy some respectable mummy chino shorts 🤣
In 8 months I have gone from a 12-14 to an 8 which I've not been since I was 30 years old thanks to the excellent trainers here.

Theo, Age 20

Mike helped me a lot as I had suffered from an injury and getting back to fitness and being able to play again without pain. He constantly helped with giving me different exercises not only to help with my injury but with strength building and increasing my fitness, which massively helped me improve.

Riley, Age 18

MWFITNESS provided me with personal and tailored fitness and diet plans throughout my time as an academy football player. I worked closely with MWFITNESS as a developing football player to make sure I was getting the right diet as well as training routine specific to me so that I could improve in my position. I also received weekly rehabilitation sessions on behalf of MWFITNESS which helped massively to reduce the amount and severity of any injuries I received as well as strengthen my muscles to prevent injuries from occuring in the future. The personal and professional treatment I received was second to none and made a huge difference in my time at the academy and a service I would highly recommend to anyone involved in sport.
Client Jean at the top of Ben Nevis, helped by her training program.

Jean, Age 59

I have trained with Lauren for over 10 years and joined her at the MW studio during the summer of 2020.  I enjoy training with Lauren as each session is different and she knows when to push and when to ease back.  No matter how tired I am after work Lauren motivates me to give my best and ensures I do my strengthening work alongside the cardio which is my favourite!


The studio always feels welcoming and has a good range of resistance and cardio equipment to ensure that during each session and across multiple sessions all muscle groups are covered.  Even in the smaller outdoor area used on occasion provides a great workout with Lauren with a good balance of exercises.


My goal is to maintain a healthy and strong body with good cardio fitness.  Working with Lauren at MW has prepared me for my various hiking exploits from snow shoeing in the Italian Dolomites and Arctic Finland to summer adventures such as hiking the Skye Trail and most recently ascending Ben Nevis.  While all strengthening and cardio exercises are important I have come to appreciate the role of a strong core when hiking up and down mountains and across rocky terrain – engaging the abdominals helps maintain my balance when the going get challenging!

Sam, Age 22

Booked for a sports massage with Olivya - terrific. Released a lot of tension and untangled a lot of knots across my whole body, and I feel so much more free now. I would definitely recommend Olivya for anyone in need of a sports massage - whether that be due to tightness from a sport, a specific injury, or just want to maintain a high degree of flexibility in the body.
Also want to express my gratitude to Olivya, Charlotte, and Mike at MW for showing a high level of friendliness, politeness, professionalism, and a smile that a lot of industries seem to be lacking nowadays.
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